Steps for Admission (For parents seeking admission in our School)
1.Fill Enquiry Form
2.The School Office will contact you on the phone number provided by you.
3.Admission details will be discussed with you over the phone. If interested, the link for the admission form will be emailed to you. Fill the admission form and submit it online.
4.Verification of the admission form and documents will be done by us and you will be requested to deposit the fee.
5.Deposit fee at the school gate in an envelope along with hard copies of birth certificate/TC of the previous school and other documents. Fill in the details in the register at the gate and sign.
6.You will be emailed the admission granted slip confirming your ward’s admission and the admission number will be allotted to you. You will be sent an invite on WhatsApp on the mobile number by the concerned teacher to join classes. You will also be sent the username and password for the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).
7.All other relevant documents, if any will be collected from you later as and when the school will reopen.
8.For all the latest notices and updates please visit the school website

Enquiry Form (2021-22)


Father's Details

Mother's Details